=== How To Upload ===
You can upload files to this site via a simple HTTP POST, e.g. using curl:
curl -F "file=@/path/to/your/file" https://www.jani.hu/upload/

Or simply choose a file and click "Upload" below:

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 === File Sizes etc. ===
The maximum allowed file size is 300 MiB.

Files are kept for a minimum of 7, and a maximum of 91 Days.

How long a file is kept, depends on its size. Larger files are deleted earlier 
than small ones. This relation is non-linear and skewed in favour of small 

The exact formula for determining the maximum age for a file is:


 === Contact ===
If you want to report abuse of this service, please write an email to 
If you have any other inquiries, please write an email to 

 === Stats ===
67 Files
2112 Uploads
64.7 MiB
Oldest file: 2024-04-23 (created 3 months ago, size: 2.83 KiB)
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